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Good Hair Days® French Twist Combs Made in Italy
Good Hair Days® French Twist Rhinestone Combs Made in Italy
Good Hair Days®1 1/2" Grip-Tuth® Tucks 
Good Hair Days® 2 3/4" Grip-Tuth® Combs
Good Hair Days®3 1/4" Grip-Tuth® Combs
Good Hair Days® 4" Frenchy Grip-Tuth® Comb
2" Grip-Tuth® Shorty
Grip-Tuth Hair Comb Shorty Grip Tuth Shorty 3 1/4"
2" Grip-Tuth® Rhinestone Shorty
3 1/4" Chrystal Rhinestone Side Combs
Good Hair Days®4 1/2" Plastic Back Comb
Good Hair Days®6" Grip-Tuth® Comb Band
Good Hair Days® 2 1/2" Magic-Grip® Hairpins (10 pack) Good Hair Days® 2 1/2" Magic-Grip® Hairpins
Good Hair Days® 3 1/4" Plastic Hair Pins
Good Hair Days® 3 1/4" Plastic Hair Pins
colors: Chrystal, Shell, and Black
Good Hair Days® 5 3/4" 5-Prong Chignon Fork
Good Hair Days Claw Clip
Metal Side Comb 4 1/2"
Good Hair Days Bobby Pins Good Hair Days Metal Hair Pins


Other Items

French Clip Barrettes Ultra-Mini Claw ClipsGood Hair Days Metal Side Combs

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Chignon Pin Updo Instructions

If your long or thick hair spreads apart the prongs on any of the chignon pins after wearing all day, wrap a rubber band around the prongs so they touch each other and leave overnight.  Prongs will return to their correct position by morning!

*PLEASE NOTE: All items named "... Tortoise Shell"  are not made of real tortoise/turtle shell and name implies stock color code only.


Grip-Tuth® Side Combs

A unique combination of Grip-Tuth®® combs and Magic-Grip Hairpins gives you the best hold ever.  Our detailed instructions and illustrations make this classic hairstyle so easy for everyone.  They even work on medium length and layered hair.  Short ends won't slip out because Grip-Tuth®® combs have touching teeth that grip and hold.
Kits come with detailed instructions in Spanish, French and English